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April 3 / Lessons Learned

As I sit and work through my emails on a train towards London from Manchester, an email catches my attention. An email from my domain registrar. An email that really hits home and reminds me that it’s been 9 whole years. What a journey! 

9 years ago today I registered OnThisIsland.com, arguably my first ‘real’ web project, and uploaded the first ‘page’ on the 5th of April. If I thought that last year was a rollercoaster, the last 9 years has been immense, wonderful, terrifying and fantastic. To break down the milestones of this project, they can be broadly grouped as falling into either the good, the bad or the ugly. Read the Post 9 years ago today

March 31 / Lessons Learned

In Cyprus, we’re about to witness the Frozen Yoghurtization of Coworking Spaces. Some of you may even be in different phases of setting up your own space, but please give me a few moments to run home a few lessons that I’ve learned over the last 8+ months. Read the Post Making space for entrepreneurs in Cyprus

March 22 / Resources

It’s crazy but I’ve shared this video in around 6 private conversations with fellow startup folk, so I figured I’d share it on my blog too, you know… for science.

Every now and again, we get stuck in the cycles of building functionality, testing user-flows and marketing like mad-med (or women). When I find myself stuck in one of these cycles I like to step back and remind myself of something I may be missing from the big picture.

This video, from Google Entrepreneurs, is one of my goto resources for a remind to keep products user-orientated and to keep focused on their experience with the platforms you’re building. Read the Post Startup Video Favourite: Alexis Ohanian – Making Something People Love

March 20 / Talks

I was happy to be invited to speak to Computer Science students at the same university that I’d not-so-recently graduated from, regarding how I landed up running Desk&Co and some of the lessons I have learnt along the way. As some couldn’t make it, and asked for an overview, I decided to put it together in a blog post. If it’s too long, or you’re like some clarifications, please feel free to tweet me @inztinkt.

I started out by quickly introducing myself as a graduate from Kilburn and the founder of Desk&Co, which is working hard to give entrepreneurs all across Europe, the place and space to grow and succeed.

After telling the attendees that we launched just over 6 months ago and were already connecting 6 countries through 17 hosts (we’re up to 20 and climbing at time of typing this), I then introduced the first of the topics I was asked to come in and speak about… Read the Post Overview of my quick talk at the University of Manchester

February 23 / Thoughts
February 14 / Thoughts

It’s with great excitement that I saw the news spreading about Viber’s acquisition by Japanese internet-juggernaughts Rakuten for $900m.

Not only have the team (in Belarus I believe) worked hard on bringing an instant, free and quality messaging system to almost every device (*cough* whatsapp where’s your desktop version already? *cough*) but they also were originally registered as a Cypriot company.

This makes me smile because during the last 2-3 years I don’t think I met a VC, investor or startup-enthusiast (not from the island, obviously) who ‘liked’ the idea of a company registering on the island. Read the Post What Viber’s $900m acquisition means for Cypriot (and other EU) startups.