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4c25dd54cd04c0e6f7a94ae8d4647288Hey there. Let me first start by introducing myself, what I do, and what this blog’s purpose is.

My name’s Hector Kolonas, and I’m one of those 20-something-year-old entrepreneurs you keep hearing about. Born and brought up in South Africa, graduated from high-school and completed military service in Cyprus before completing a BSc in Computing with Business and Management in Manchester. With (Hons), if that’s important.

Business wise, I’ve always found myself drawn to online tech. I first began playing with the HTML source of (yes, I can’t believe I played it either) to try and figure out how it worked, and how I could get more NeoPoints *facepalm*. This eventually lead to my first ‘client’ project going live in 2002, at a respectable age of 14 and 7 and a half months. And yes, I know it looks all ‘year-2000-y‘, but that was a design choice, ok?! Well kinda…

A modest beginning some may say, if they hadn’t known about my first ‘business’, at a the age of 6.

But I digress, that’s a story for another blog post, one with a bit more of a lesson to it. And that’s the point of this blog, for me to share the thoughts, ideas and lessons I have (or will/should have) learned as I paddle through life as an entrepreneur.

Keep the passion,


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