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Today, the next big update of was officially announced on stage in Barcelona at the 3rd RGCS Symposium, introducing the public, filterable and searchable index of 100+ research publications and counting.

I recently partnered up with the two inspiring and highly-dedicated co-founders of the non-profit Coworking Library project.

From the middle of November, I’ve been responsible for the technical implementation of their hard work over the last 3+ years to building and run a global free index of all the world’s coworking research.

There’s so many reasons why a global searchable repository of coworking research needs to exist, but for some brevity I’m going to focus on the 3 that drove me (and into dedicating tech and strategic resources into supporting another non-profit initiative in the coworking sector.

I truly believe that a resource like this will save a tonne of valuable time; ensure research and data isn’t lost; and, inspire further deeper studies into the ways coworking is changing the world.

⏳ Wildly-similar Surveys and Studies waste a tonne of valuable time.

Community managers and members of coworking spaces are constantly being asked to complete surveys on their space, work styles, businesses, etc.

Many times these surveys are repetitive, with multiple requests for the same exact info from multiple students, agencies or researchers.

For years I’ve been looking for a way to shrink that time wastage, or at least make sure that the time invested is more rewarding for the participants, the students and the wider sector.

This brings me on to reason two…

🤷‍ A lot of the time, valuable data and insights are ‘lost’.

For many many many of these surveys and studies, the results never see the light of day. This doubles down on the ‘wasted’ time of both community managers and their members across the globe.

With coworking becoming understandably more popular; the number of students, businesses and researchers exploring the sector and its immense socioeconomic implications will only increase more rapidly.

With the simple step of more and more survey takers or interviewees insisting that the end results of these studies should be shared publicly via the, this data is put back into the sector, allowing us all to learn from it.

💡 Through sharing, further and deeper research can be inspired.

By having an outlet for publications to be shared, indexed, and discovered; I believe that it will inspire researchers and students alike to dig deeper into the sector.

Like with many research sectors, the sharing of knowledge, data and finding will allow future researchers to enhance, extend, prove or disqualify previous and/or possibly outdate studies.

This drives even more research, findings and further propels forward a sector that enables millions of passionate people every day.

I’m extremely excited about this project, and look forward to seeing the many ways it improves the sector for researchers, space owners and members across the globe.

Got questions, suggestions or just want to chat about coworking tech? I’m @inztinkt on twitter. 




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