Stepping up, and over imposter syndrome.

After 3 years, I gave my first ever talk at a coworking conference. I was so nervous leading up to my session. I kept fighting off that little voice inside my head that was prodding me about whether what I’d be sharing would be annoyingly obvious or even useful to the people who had chosen […]

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What I learned from giving my first conference talk

Back in November last year I was honoured to be invited to speak at the ICT Summit in Warsaw, about some of the hurdles that European entrepreneurs building global businesses are facing. Whilst I had published the slides and the overview of my talk, yesterday I realised that I had never really watched or shared the video. […]


Helping more students actually explore entrepreneurship

Two years ago, Nikolay invited me to talk at his student entrepreneurship event in Manchester. Unipreneur was his side project (next to the startup he cofounder called rarepink) to help students validate business ideas as rapidly and cheaply as possible. During my talk I spoke about how we tested multiple business hypotheses rapidly at ektagon […]

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My talk from the ICT Summit in Warsaw, Poland

On the 3rd to 4th of December 2014, the Polish government arranged ICT Summit, a tech conference for their local startups. Over the two days, 50+ speakers came from far and wide to share their experiences, observations and advice. I was invited to talk about my journey with included.co and the hurdles with building globally […]


Trying to help the unemployed get noticed

It’s a Friday night, and many of my friends and colleagues are probably out having a drink, a frappe or a meal somewhere. But many many many people simply cannot afford to. The recent financial turmoil across Europe has affected millions of families. Students are also arriving back to their hometowns, in what can only […]

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9 years ago today

As I sit and work through my emails on a train towards London from Manchester, an email catches my attention. An email from my domain registrar. An email that really hits home and reminds me that it’s been 9 whole years. What a journey!  9 years ago today I registered OnThisIsland.com, arguably my first ‘real’ […]