Trying to help the unemployed get noticed


It’s a Friday night, and many of my friends and colleagues are probably out having a drink, a frappe or a meal somewhere. But many many many people simply cannot afford to. The recent financial turmoil across Europe has affected millions of families. Students are also arriving back to their hometowns, in what can only […]

9 years ago today

Screenshot 2014-04-03 12.47.42

As I sit and work through my emails on a train towards London from Manchester, an email catches my attention. An email from my domain registrar. An email that really hits home and reminds me that it’s been 9 whole years. What a journey!  9 years ago today I registered, arguably my first ‘real’ […]

2013 in the life of an entrepreneur in Europe


It’s been a roller-coaster of a year, being so closely tied with the Cypriot economy, seeing through a crisis and launching a phoenix-like project which has now become the first step in the realisation of a goal I set as a 16 year old entrepreneur. So without delay,  here’s the milestones of my year and […]

The project all freelancers, startups, established businesses and local councils should be supporting.


For those who don’t know, Desk&Co steps into territories to connect great creative minds with affordable hosted desk spaces, and then efficiently helps them grow through the upcoming service marketplace. So this week Desk&Co got entered into the Hardest Working Startup competition after being accepted as an ALPHA Startup Exhibitor at the Web Summit in Dublin. The backstory in […]