Do We Europeans have a Failure Complex?


All throughout our lives, here in Europe, we are raised to be fairly risk averse, avoiding failure by any means necessary. This is a problem that i believe is holding back our drive to innovate, to dare, to create and to mould new industries or revolutionise others. Whilst not everyone will agree with me, these […]

What I learned from: Walking down a street in Cyprus


Cyprus is a miraculous place, the birth-place and childhood-playground of many multi-millionaires and hand-full of billionaires, all around the world. However something has changed lately (probably in the last two decades from what I can find), that makes it seem that a new form of ‘entrepreneurship’ has grasped the island, and yes I use that word lightly*.  […]

Do not call first post “hello world”. There, much better!


Hey there. Let me first start by introducing myself, what I do, and what this blog’s purpose is. My name’s Hector Kolonas, and I’m one of those 20-something-year-old entrepreneurs you keep hearing about. Born and brought up in South Africa, graduated from high-school and completed military service in Cyprus before completing a BSc in Computing […]