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For those who don’t know, Desk&Co steps into territories to connect great creative minds with affordable hosted desk spaces, and then efficiently helps them grow through the upcoming service marketplace.

So this week Desk&Co got entered into the Hardest Working Startup competition after being accepted as an ALPHA Startup Exhibitor at the Web Summit in Dublin.

The backstory in brief

Originally launched in Cyprus, there are already 4 workspaces available to aspiring entrepreneurs, fast moving freelancers and micro-businesses so that they can continue growing their businesses amidst the collapsing economy around them. Growing businesses are just what the region needs at a time where there are more ‘for rent/sale’ signs than cars on the street, and where coffee shops are busier and noisier than the London underground at rush hour.

Reaching out to help internationally

Internationally, I’m currently in the UK to meet new hosts after the lovely folk at Techhub Manchester stepped up and listed their desks, supporting our mission of helping entrepreneurs in and around the city.

At the same time, there are very interesting discussions underway with multiple hosts around Europe about providing their space for their local creatives, with active calls going out for hosts in Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal continuing over the coming weeks.

So what’s this competition about anyways?

The Hardest Working Startup competition, asks for people to Like the work being done by a startup in their sector. And this is where we need your help. 

In order to ramp up how much Desk&Co can help, it needs to make a splash in Dublin, and that needs your Likes.

So to sum up why Desk&Co deserves your support, we’re working hard on:

  • Sourcing affordable desk space for entrepreneurs, startups and freelancers
  • Filling empty desks and cutting costs for host businesses
  • Sourcing additional services to both hosts and guests at exclusive prices
  • Helping both hosts and guests grow, creating employment and helping local economies

We need as many people to click the like button on this page, and help Desk&Co get as much exposure as possible before the exhibition.

If you want to know why Desk&Co is going to the Web Summit, be sure to read my blog post addressing the decision to attend. Otherwise, if I can answer any questions or help you or your business in any way do let me know with a comment below.

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